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Welcome to my humble home on the web. – Billy AM.

My Profile

Full NameBilly Aung Myint

BirthdayJanuary 20. 1983

Lives inSingapore

My Story

In brief , I was born in Yangon , Myanmar eons ago , came to Singapore in 1995 and started schooling at Primary 4. I am currently holding Singapore PR , single and staying with my parents , who are Singapore Citizens. Currently running several websites , such as http://use-r.com and of course , http://billyam.com

About Me

A great fan of R statistical programming language since I discovered while during poly. Has been playing with it and learning for sometimes. Recently , decided to take it as my career and engaged for several Analytical trainings and certifications such as SAS Base Programmer , which I have completed SAS Programming 1 training.

My Hobbies

On my free time , I would be administering my own VMWare server , buy/sell domains , watch anime , read books and learn game development with Unity Game Engine and 3DS MAX/MAYA. I am also a newbie photographer with my Sony RX100. I am also a student of analysis software such as R statistical language , SAS and excel. Currently maintaining a R related blog , http://use-r.com

Future Goals

Has started learning analytical tools and software to prepare for the future where Big Data and Data Analysis/Management will be the key functions. SAS , R , Oracle SQL

Other Infos

I am also a collector of domain names and my collection of personal domains can be found at http://billyam.com/personal-domains . If you wish to purchase any of them or sell any of your domains , pls kindly contact me via the contact form.