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MongoDB Forum

February 2, 2014 Billy Aung Myint No comment

Hi ,

Started a new MongoDB , one of the most popular NoSQL Databases , forums. .. Feel free to drop …

Newly minted Oracle SQL Expert – ME!!!!!!

December 8, 2013 Billy Aung Myint No comment

Oh yah … just done with the Oracle SQL Expert exam yesterday , 047. Boy , that was one tough exam but managed to get 88%!!


Waiting for Oracle to publish …

A Truly Fundamental of SQL Statements.

November 19, 2013 Billy Aung Myint No comment

The SELECT clause is used to restrict the columns , or expressions returned from the table.
The WHERE clause uses a condition to quantify or restrict the query results to only …

Oracle SQL Programming Course

November 15, 2013 Billy Aung Myint No comment

Just done with the oracle SQL programming and phew! It certainly wasn’t as light as I had thought. Even with basic SQL experience done at the Degree level , I …