R Statistical Language for Analysis – Introduction

October 24, 2013 Billy Aung Myint No comments

Having been interested in R Statistical Language , along with SPSS and SAS , for a long time , I have decided to learn some basic R Syntax.

R started as a purely scientific language for statisticians but it has become matured to the extend of attracting attention from the Business and Finance professionals in recent years. It is now a major language of choice for statistical analysis

The main tools of my choice are basically R from r-project.org and RStudio. It is a command line based scripting language , similar to Python and Ruby. If you are ok with BASH , you would feel right at home.

My first week learning R includes a few commands

– listing out the available packages using library() command ,
– finding help for a particular package , library(help = “package-name”)
– loading a package with library(“package-name”) ,
– installing a new package with install.packages(“package-name”) ,
– updating packages via update.packages(“package-name”)
– listing built-in datasets with , datasets()
– loading a particular dataset , data(“airmiles”)

Nothing fancy but a strong foundation is very important whichever language one is learning and I am taking this slow.


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