Setting up of WHM/Cpanel in own server

August 23, 2013 Billy Aung Myint No comments

Finally done setting up a WHM/cPanel in my very own dedicated server last week. Was using a VPS server for a few years and thought with the prices of dedicated server coming below 100/mth , it would be better for me to move into own unmanaged server instead.

With that in mind , bought a dedicated server with the following spec

– 16 cores

– 24 GB RAM

– 1 TB HD

– /28 masks IP range

– 100mbps unlimited network

And then setup 3 servers ,

– CentOS 6.4 ,

– Linux Mint 15 ,

– Windows Server 2008 R2.

The plan was to use the CentOS as the main server running WHM/cPanel then to migrate the accounts from VPS to Dedicated.  With this configuration , I would have complete access to the server management. There were slight issues with IP management and suddenly having to access multiple servers and many usernames/passwords. Luckily , everything seems ok now. Hopefully , it will remain the same for next few years.

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